HTML5 APK Builder

This is a really easy way to turn a HTML5 app into a standalone APK. It is a cut-n-shut of Intel's crosswalk technology, which in turn is mostly a native compiled build of chromium, with various extras. Intel has good tooling around this, in particular the Intel XDK, but I wanted a 1-click solution to turn a folder of HTML into an APK.

You can download a zip, or clone the repo

Quick Instructions

Wipe the contents of the directory 'html5' and put your own app there. Image folders, javascript, whatever you want. There should be a file 'index.html'. The default app is Chris Wilson's WebAudio API synth.

Now run go.bat. An application called app.signed.aligned.apk will be generated and you can install and run it on your phone. The APK is quite big because it includes a cutting edge version of the chromium browser, with asm js, WebGL and WebAudio.

Unfinished business

There is plenty more you can do to make the generated application more pleasant and I will automate this soon, from a config file. However for now its a bit generic. * Application Icon * Application Name


What are the various folders, what to mess with, what to leave alone.


The contents of this folder are merged into the APK. This should contain the HTML5 app you want to publish. This is the only folder you need to muck about with.


The keys that will be used to sign your APK. you can make these yourself if you are clever.


This must contain a single file, which is a generic Crosswalk APK as generated by the Intel XDK. The poor old thing is dissasembled and repacked with your app. This is quicker than using Intel's online build servers. It will likely be possible to put a new crosswalk demo APK in this folder in future, as and when new features are added.


This is a copy of the original www folder from the crosswalk APK, but with the files I deem unnecessary removed. The contents of this folder is merged with the html5 folder and inserted into the APK, so you have access to all this native JS interfacing.


This is where the source APK is unpackaged to. As an APK is a zip file, we just unzip it, muck about with it in plain old filesystem space, then zip it back up.


Collection of tools so you dont have to rummage around on the internet for them. You do need Java though.

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